Hiking Tour In Tromsø and Malangen

Hike Tours

Hike in Tromsø or Malangen for one day. Choice of Mountain hike easy, medium or long. Or an easy hike tour in the great nature.

Welcome to the magic landscape of Malangen and Tromsø. The midnight sun never set and we never get lost in the dark. The view from the mountains are stunning and is a great way of exploring the area. This is for everyone who would like to experience the outdoor adventure with others. A long day outdoors is a state of mind.

Hiking tour includes

  • We provide guided tours
  • Pick-up/transport/drop-off
  • 8 places on every tour. Most people will find a tour they can manage. Come as you are
  • Snack/Tea/coffee
  • Choose between easy, medium or hard hiking

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes that goes well in the weather that day (windproof jacket, hat and gloves are often needed)
  • Footwear suitable for hiking
  • Small backpack with lunsj and a waterbottle

Hike Tours

Choice of:

  • Mountain hiking, easy
  • Mountain hiking, medium
  • Mountain hiking, long
  • Hiking tour, easy, Berries tour, autumn

Price per person:

  • NOK 1000